Nutrition For A Century Ride

Ok, guys, let’s get serious for a second about fuel. You are planning on doing your first century. You got a bicycle, and you’ve been training. But how do you make sure you are eating enough? And can you eat too much?

First off, there are huge side effects to eating too much. Your body can only process about 30-60 carbohydrates every hour, and the excess carbs hang out in your belly and give you the worst gastric ache.

So newbie cyclists who constantly stuff their face with power bars find their power to be erratic and their stomach to be painful.

So you want to meter your intake. I find that if I can do one gel pack every 40 minutes, I stay pretty much on point. Sometimes I swap out a banana for one of the gel bars since the potassium can always help.

I also mix one of my water bottles to 50% Gatorade and leave the other one with water. This means that I am getting salts to prevent cramping and a little extra sugar, but also plenty of water.

For me, drinking 40 ounces of water every hour is the bare minimum. In fact, the day before, I also drink 32 ounces of Powerade and a gallon of water. I want to be as hydrated as possible.

There is nothing wrong with using a timer to get it right. After all, it is easy to forget about your needs until the hunger signals and the bonking hits you. And then it is too late to recover.